• How to Successfully Get Her BackHow to Successfully Get Her Back

    There are a ton of things that men don’t understand about women: why they go to the bathroom in pairs, why they enjoy talking on the phone, why they bleed five days each month but somehow never die. In fact, since the beginning of time, men have wondered what it is that women want – Continue Reading →

  • You Bored Him and He Bumped YouYou Bored Him and He Bumped You

    So, your boyfriend has broken up with you: we will go ahead and call him Floyd (even though his real name is probably Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy). Maybe he broke up with you for obvious reasons: he cheated or you cheated. Maybe he left because your relationship hadn’t been solid since a Continue Reading →

  • Why women love bad boys...and how you can winWhy women love bad boys...and how you can win

    OJ Simpson, Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson — what do they all have in common? They are bad boys! And not bad as in cool but bad as in ridiculously evil. Each implicated in murder — even if one of them evaded conviction — these men are men that women would seemingly have to be crazy Continue Reading →

  • How to Say the Words She's Dying to HearHow to Say the Words She's Dying to Hear

    Talking to women used to be hard. Struggling with what to say, stuck in the friend zone. I saw every attractive woman as holding a notepad and pencil in their hand when I talked to them. Every thing I said or did was graded, and if I “passed,” they would award me with their attention.Continue Reading →

  • Use the Use the "Law of Secret Intimacy" to Get Your Ex Back

    Trying to get back with an ex can sometimes lead you to feel like a gerbil in a scientific experiment. You work so hard to obtain a goal but end up shocked by the results. The most likely reason for this is that you (not unlike a gerbil) consistently try the same ploy: you attempt Continue Reading →