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Emails For Men

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Subject: Newly Discovered “Arousal Hormone” to Get Her Back…



If you’ve tried everything you can think of to get her

back, it’s time you used her own hormones to help you.


And there is one hormone in particular that lights up

your girlfriend’s libido like Times Square. When you

activate this hormone, she cannot resist you.


Her brain is flooded with wave after wave of desire

and she will not rest until she has you.


You’ve never heard of it before and there’s a very

good reason for that. Because the scientists who

discovered it are keeping the secrets safely locked

up in their labs. Keeping guys like you from knowing

about it.


Until now.


My friend Jack Jones spent YEARS researching

the biology and neuroscience of attraction.


And this secret hormone (LINK), he says, is the key to

filling your girlfriend with a huge stock of overwhelming



Her brain sends a signal to her body and she has to see you.


Right now. Check it out and see for yourself. (LINK)


I’ll let him tell you about it and how to use it.


Your name


By the way, this isn’t meant for every guy to use. It’s only for

guys who’ve tried everything else. It’s the last resort. Because

it is that powerful.


Don’t try this unless you’ve tried everything else. (LINK)

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Subject: The Secret "Re-Attraction Hormone..."



Can an old German Scientist help you get her back?


You bet he can.


In fact, his discovery teaches you how to release a hormone

in her brain that fills her body with uncontrollable desire for



German born pharmacologist Otto Loewi earned a Nobel

Prize for his discovery back in 1936.


It's been kept under wraps until recently, an underground

relationship teacher named Jack Jones discovered it and

how to use it to make her want you.


It's called the Arousal Hormone and when used correctly,

women follow you like the Pied Piper.

Go here to discover how to use it.(LINK)




This hormone won the Nobel Prize for Otto. For you, it will

win her heart, mind and her body. (LINK)

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Subject: How a Dead German Guy Can Help You Get Her Back...



Have you ever heard of a guy named Otto Loewi?


I hadn't either.


But he may be the most important name for you  to know

when it comes to getting her back.




Because back in 1936 he won a Nobel Prize for discovering

the Arousal Hormone...


No one has been talking about it until Jack Jones uncovered



And now he's showing you how to use this Arousal Hormone

to make her thirst with desire for you again...


Go here to check it out...(LINK)




By the way, this Arousal Hormone is not under her control.

Which means no matter how many mistakes you made, once

you release this hormone, her body will crave you like she

never has.


Don't you owe it to yourself to check it out?(LINK)

Emails For Women

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Subject: "The Truth Behind Why He Left"



How did he go from being your best friend

and lover to acting like a completely distant stranger...?


Want to know the truth? (LINK)


All men have 3 Emotional Blind Spots...


These 3 Emotional Blind Spots make him

shut down, pull away and act cold and distant...


That's why nothing you've tried yet has worked...


Here's what makes him need you even more:


He can't tell you the truth, because he can't see

his own blind spots.


That's why he needs your help. Without your help,

he'll never realize what he's missing out on.


When you know his 3 Emotional Blind Spots,

you'll break through his defenses and touch the

deepest part of his heart (LINK)


The part that he is afraid to reveal to any other woman...


He'll feel safe with you again.  He'll feel an

overwhelming calm wash over his heart because he'll know that

you finally 'get' him in a way that no other woman can... (LINK)




Click on this blue link to discover his 3 Emotional Blind Spots

and let him see you as his Emotional Savior (LINK)

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Subject: Get Him Back With 6 "Magic Words"



What if there were 6 magic words you

could use today to make him come

running back to you tomorrow?


As a matter of fact, there are...


The Breakup Interventionist, Michael

Griswold just released a video explaining

how it works.


Based on over 7 years of one on one

coaching with other women, just like

you, he's helped countless women

get the love they deserve again.


And, he claims, it can be done with

only 6 "Magic Words".


Yes, even in the most hopeless of cases.


Yes, even after you've made every mistake.


And yes, even if you've tried everything else.


Take a look for yourself and see how

powerfully it can work for you...






P.S. You may have tried everything else, and

may be on the point of giving up. Don't you

owe it to yourself to see if this COULD BE the

answer you've been looking for?

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Subject: Do You Need a Breakup Intervention?



If you've tried everything you can to get him back

and nothing has worked yet, it's time for a breakup



That's when you pull out all the stops and use every

trick available to make him want you so bad he becomes

like a man possessed...HE MUST HAVE YOU.


The Breakup Interventionist, Michael Griswold just

created a How To video that shows you how it's done.


The secret, is knowing how to get through to him again

so it erases all the mistakes you've made and he

remembers only the good times.


Go here to discover how to do it. (LINK)




P.S. Once you break through his outer shell, the hardest

work is already done. Underneath, he really wants you

back, to relive the memories and passion you shared.

Gender Neutral Emails

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Subject: "Do You Still Have a Chance With Your Ex?"



Has it been more than a month since your breakup?


Has your ex told you it's over?


They don't want to see you again?


That they'll NEVER get back with you?


If so, I've got good news for you...


What if there was a way to give your ex a case

of Emotional Amnesia and make your ex crawl

on their hands and knees, beg you to take them



And give you all the power to say yes or no?


A way to fill your ex with so much regret that

they lay in bed at night alone staring at the blank

ceiling, just thinking about and missing you...


What if there was a simple way to make these

emotions so strong that they have to call you

or else be overwhelmed by them?


There is.


It works on a Scientific Principle called

Inverting Emotions. 


But the most important thing for you to know

is not the science of it, but how to use it.


And that you CAN have your ex back because

you discovered the sneaky little tactic to make

them want you again...


It's all explained here. (LINK)




Oh, one more thing: when you use this secret,

don't be surprised when your ex shows up at

your door banging on it demanding to see you...


Because that's exactly what happened to the

guy who discovered it.


And he'll tell you how to make it work for you

right now (Link)