Check out what people have to say after investing in coaching with me.

Clayton is extremely perceptive,
in the way he knows what questions to ask to bring you out of that frame of mind, to direct you, to empower you to be the best that you can be. I am still growing daily and my confidence has grown tremendously to enable me to make great leaps in my life stating with following my dreams.

- Elena, UK

Clayton is excellent,
in getting me to ask myself the “hard questions” and really look at what happened in my relationship to make it turn out that way it did, and to fix those issues so they never happen again.

- Matt, Ohio

Clayton has been invaluable to my current life experience.
Quickly I was able to identify when I was not thinking or behaving in line with my core values. My relationships with friends, coworkers and myself have improved immensely. I’ve had several conversations and chat threads with Clayton that led to paradigm shifts in my thinking, which were worth the cost of his coaching alone.

- John S. MD, Colorado

Clayton helped me shift my mentality
and improve my communication skills in all my relationships. He especially helped with my ex girlfriend, who came back to me after many of the changes implemented through Clayton’s insight.

- Nate, NYC

Clayton is a God send.
He is a wizard and a genius when it comes to coaching and relationships. Thank you so much! When I met Clayton and started working with him I felt he was a gift from God… I still believe that. I was at my wits end when we met. I felt destroyed, depleted, lost… And Clayton slowly helped build me back up… helping me achieve what my mind told me was impossible but my heart yearned for: reconnecting with the woman who dumped me just a few months ago.

- BR, Ottawa, Canada