How to Successfully Get Her Back

There are a ton of things that men don’t understand about women: why they go to the bathroom in pairs, why they enjoy talking on the phone, why they bleed five days each month but somehow never die. In fact, since the beginning of time, men have wondered what it is that women want – perhaps even the Neanderthals were perplexed as they tried to woo the opposite sex with romantic hunting and gathering dates.

Knowing what a woman wants can be difficult at all times, but it is especially difficult when she has just broken up with you. Chances are, you might be blindsided or confused, completely unknowing of the reasons why she suddenly left.

But, the truth is women aren’t THAT complicated. Many want similar things. So, to get her back, consider doing the following:

Listen and Talk: Women want an even playing field of listening: they are a gender who has fought for equal rights for centuries. Even those who aren’t necessarily feminists want someone who listens to what they say, values their opinions, and allows them to vent. In other words, they want to know that you respect them: listening conveys this respect.

So, if you failed to listen in the past – if you never asked her about her day or automatically nodded and mumbled as she talked during Sports Center – you need to alter your behavior. Listening to her shows her that you love her and she, in return, will love you back.

But wait…there’s more! Not only does she want you to listen, she also wants you to talk. Women enjoy talking – it’s what they do. They talk to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, but they really want to talk to you. They want to know what you think and what you feel.

On average, women tend to be much better communicators than men, which means it’s up to you to work on this skill. Learn to share your feelings and express your wants and needs. Not only will it make her happier, but it will make you happier too.

Don’t Be a Doormat: There is a reason women go for the bad, bad, bad, bad boys. They really do make them feel so good. This is because women – like men – innately enjoy a challenge: we are all programmed to want what we can’t have. Because bad boys emit a sense of being off limits, women can’t help but be attracted.

Now, you might not be a bad boy; you simply don’t have it in you. Don’t panic: this is okay. You don’t need to start riding a motorcycle or get a tattoo in order to get her back. But, you do need to do one thing: you need to make sure you stop being a doormat.

Being a doormat doesn’t work for two reasons: first of all, if you are a doormat, you give women permission to take advantage of you (and they will). Second of all, the doormat personality provides no challenge to a woman – there is no excitement, no thrill, no intrigue of the chase.

This isn’t to say you need to start being a jerk: that won’t work either. Rather, it’s all about finding a balance: be nice and respectful to your ex, but don’t allow her to walk all over you. Women don’t like that and men shouldn’t either.

Do Your Share: Many women find relationships frustrating because they feel that the man doesn’t pull his weight or do his share. car rent This is especially true if two people live together. Either due to old traditions or time constraints, a lot of the house upkeep still falls on those with ovaries. Naturally, this leaves women walking a balance between frustrated and infuriated.

Doing certain things will tip the scales into infuriated: if you leave your clothes all over the bathroom after she just cleaned it, if you never do the dishes, or if you’ve never cleaned a toilet in your entire life, chances are you're pissing off the female gender.

Relationships are partnerships and each person needs to give of themselves in order for them to work. So, if you want an ex back, show her that you can change: next time you notice that the refrigerator is growing a fungus, be her knight in Arm and Hammer and clean it yourself.

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