5 Heroic Ways to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams


The quality of women that you are going to attract in your life is really on how you approach her.

After a certain point, you just get tired of hooking up with women and you’re looking for someone that you can really share your life with. And share your life including every part of it that is important to you so that you can enjoy life more fully. And to that end, the things that you do are directly opposite of what you’re being told out there right now.

There is a way to do it, that’s the good news. The bad news is that everything that you’re being taught right now is exactly wrong.

The quality of women that you are going to attract in your life is really on how you approach her. A lot of the current knowledge out there is around manipulating a woman and it sounds just like not really being yourself and using tricks. And when you do that, there’s a certain quality of woman that’s going to be attracted to that, whereas, if you take this heroic approach you can actually attract the woman of your dreams that you want to be with.

Yes those current tricks do work, but they work on a certain type of girl who wants to a certain type of thing and they back fire. And the reason that they back fire is because if the tricks that you were using will work then the tricks that every other guy is using will work. And so there’s so much room for jealousy and for real emotional distrust when you use those tactics because you know that in your heart of hearts, you know that she fell for you and she’s going to fall for it with the next guy; so that makes it difficult to have a real relationship.

The other thing is there’s something in the heart of the man, no matter how jaded or difficult life has become that makes him want to be a hero. If you ever seen the movie Brave Heart or any other movie like that Rocky where guy overcomes all the odds, a man will believe that movie and feel on top of the world because he’s fought for something. And for the men out there who want to fight for something, namely a relationship and love and that type of life of the woman that you care about and who respects you, then these five ways that we are about to discuss are the way to do it.

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