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The Full Course In Relationship Miracles is the UNCENSORED teachings of Michael Griswold and Clayton Olson, including recorded coaching calls with folks going through breakups trying to reunite with their ex's.  The insights and one:one learning environment is guaranteed to skyrocket your relationship success and give you the resources necessary to create your very own Relationship Miracle.  Originally taught to a closed door group of students, it sold for $1997.00. Today only you get it for a massive discount of $497.

You'll get cutting edge insights you won't find anywhere else and the recordings of the LIVE coaching calls with other men and women who are going through a relationship breakup. Their honesty and friendship alone will make you know you aren't alone...

Your Ex Will Finally See You've Really Changed.

Recover and Bullet-Proof Your Relationship By Uncovering Proven Strategies Successful Couples Do Naturally.

Week One: "What is Love?"

Discover the new way to define one of the most widely misinterpreted words in the human language and make it work for you in EVERY relationship.

  • The Secret To Creating A Rock Solid Foundation For A Long Lasting Healthy Relationship
  • Uncover The Real Reason Your Relationships May Have Failed In The Past
  • How To Create A "Love-Loop" That Spirals Both Of You To Breakthrough Levels Of Intimacy
  • Rid Relationship Self-Sabotage Permanently!
  • Discover The Blueprint Happy Couples Automatically And Subconsciously Use To Keep Love Alive

Week Two: "3 Laws Of Relationship Success"

Here's a secret: Relationships Fail The Moment We Start Looking For Problems To Avoid.  In This Week's Webinar You'll Uncover...

  • How To Have The Relationship You Want Without EVER Having To Compromise Your Values
  • How To Effortlessly Inject Adventure, Opportunity, Intimacy, and Fulfillment Into Your Relationship
  • Transform Your Insecurities And Perceived Weaknesses Into Powerful Allies That Work For YOU!
  • How To Stop Keeping Score And Rebuild A Failed Relationship
  • How To Give Your Partner Something Know One Else Can So They Bond With You Forever

Week Three: "How To Create The Relationship You Want From Scratch"

In order to get anywhere in life you have to know where you want to go first, don't you?  This weeks presentation gives you the tools and strategies to map out and create your ideal-love life.

  • What REAL Vision Is And How It Determines The Fate Of Your Relationship
  • The 3 Secret Keys Vision Magically Creates In Relationships
  • How To Create That "Spark" In Your Relationship That You Can Fan Into A Roaring Flame
  • The Trick To Get Through ANY Type Of "Tough Time" In Your Relationship
  • The Secret Ingredient To Making Someone Fall In Love

Week Four: "How To Bring Your Vision To Life"

You've got the ingredients, now here's how to bring the vision of your new relationship to life

  • How To Pump "Life-Blood" Into Your Relationship Making It Flourish
  • Flip The Switch On Your Own Relationship Miracle
  • The One Emotion Your Ex Can't Resist (When You Embody This, You Fry Their Circuits With Nostalgia And Romance
  • How To Instantly Use Your Breakup To Transform Into A YOU 2.0

You've Struggled With This Long Enough!

  • Coaching Call 1: Discover how to love unconditionally, while maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Coaching Call 2: Break-free from fear in a relationship and in life
  • Coaching Call 3: REVEALED: The reason they broke up with you...
  • Coaching Call 4: The TRUE Power of Being Authentic In your Relationship and how to do it
  • Coaching Call 5: Super Charge Your Sex Appeal
  • Coaching Call 6: How To Create Instant Confidence
  • Coaching Call 7: How To Bring Your Vision To Life
  • Coaching Call 8: What To Do About "The Rebound"
  • Coaching Call 9: How To Make Relationships Automatic and Easy
  • Coaching Call 10: How Clarity And Vision Can Get Your Ex Back
  • Coaching Call 11: How To Keep Your Ex Once You've Got Them Back
  • Coaching Call 12: Amidst The Biggest Challenges One Can Face, How To Reunite In Spite of Those

30-Day Money Back Unconditional Guarantee

Take the Full Course In Relationship Miracles for a test drive for a full 30 days.  If you don’t see a profound transformation in your relationships in the first 30 days, or if you can't figure out how to apply the material, or if you are, for whatever reason, you're not totally satisfied….

We will refund every penny. No Questions Asked.

Samantha F.

I never thought that I would say this, but this course is worth a lot more than $1000! Thank you for taking the time and helping me become the person that I always wanted to be and could be…

Samantha F. Nova Scotia


I would like to take a moment to write about my experiences in taking the full course on Relationship Miracles.  This course has been nothing short of life changing for me.  I can't say enough about Michael and Clayton, for the input, optimism, and education they gave me. Who would of thought in this day and age of quick fix's that a course offered on the internet can and will change your life in a short period of time.

Stephen Connecticut


This course is the most beautiful thing that I have ever pursued in my life!  I am glad that I broke up with my girl and hooked up with you guys because I needed to get ME right for her or the woman I am going to marry.  My business is exploding!!!  I have been reaching out to her here and there and today she sent me a text today and then called!  I called her back and we will be seeing each other tomorrow for a few moments.

Thank you Michael & Clayton, thank you Michael & Clayton, I am truly grateful!!!

Steve Florida

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Discount for Only - $497